• UK Plans to Run Largest Data Centre on Renewable Energy

  • uk data centre renewable energy.jpg
    UK’s largest data centre will be coming up in Dumfries and Galloway and according to the plans announced renewable energy sources will power the new facility. Once again integrated alternative energy plans are being mulled which include localized gas production and even tapping of heat energy that will be generated by hi-tech IT equipment. Keysource, which designs and builds data centre have already announced their plans.

    Data centers need constant round the clock electricity and are most essential of all modern facilities because important millions of data can be lost due to abrupt power failures. If UK manages to use renewable energy for all such essential facilities then it will surely meet the emission reduction targets. It will also set an example that renewable energy can be non-stop power source. Incorporating renewable energy in modern infrastructure and construction is a good way to make a beginning of adapting to green ways and reduce carbon footprint.
    Via Big Green Smile