• Toyota Single-Seat Electric Cars used for pickup and delivery duties at Japan post offices

  • Toyota_com_EVToyota Auto Body, a subsidiary of Toyota began providing four of its single-seat electronic vehicles to post office branches in central Japan for pickup and delivery duties on a trial basis. The vehicle called Coms, will be the first electric vehicles in Japan to be used for mail delivery. The cars can reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometers an hour, and can run about 50 kilometers between charges.

    vis_mec1The all-electric car can be fully charged in about six hours using regular household AC sockets. Coms is about 2.5 meters long and 1.1 meter wide and have no doors. The cars received special permission from the land ministry to carry double the load of similar sized vehicles, or up to 60 kilograms.
    Toyota_EVToyota Auto Body hopes to study how the cars can be used to deliver mail in urban areas during the trial. The trial will last until March, after which it will be decided whether to expand the use of EVs for delivery.

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