• Tiki Hut ATM, a solar powered kiosk for tropical resorts

  • Stumbling across an ATM machine in a far-off holiday resort isn’t always that easy and more often than not we’re left searching for a place to withdraw money while on vacation. Behold the Tiki Hut ATM, a kiosk that can very well operate without a grid connection and yet manages to keep its surroundings intact, without the usual concrete-jungle look. Built mainly from bamboo, the Tiki Hut ATM in Bali uses solar energy to operate its equipment, making it an eco-friendly way to banking transactions away from home. Perfect for a tropical holiday resort, the Tiki Hut ATM helps conserve the beauty of its surroundings with its design and eco-friendliness.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on July 3, 2012