• Tidal power in Scotland rides the tallest wave, with the 101MW HS1000 tidal turbine

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    Burntisland Fabrications has had a makeover, changing from an oil industry equipment manufacturer, to building tidal energy turbines. The firm will build one of these; the world’s most advanced till date, on the west coast of Scotland. Winning a contract of $6.25 million, the company will have the turbine up and functioning by 2013. The turbine will help power up whiskey distilleries too besides just homes on the island for 23 hours a day and we raise our glasses in cheer at that. Eight whisky distilleries and malteries will be powered up with tidal energy. To be rooted at the Sound of Islay, the 101MW turbines, the HS1000 were developed by a joint venture between energy companies, Hammerfest Strom.

    Just a while ago, we came across the 1MW Atlantis Resources AK1000 tidal turbine, also unveiled in Scotland. Indeed a green move by the country, generating energy from the waves and the tide has never seemed better before.

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