• Theatre in US uses solar power for electricity

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    Movie theatres are a huge mob grabber… and so some wise guys in the US realized. An 18,000 square foot array of rooftop solar cells gives Livermore Cinemas more solar electrical capacity than any other movie theater in the US it seems. The cells are rated at 132 kilowatts and in a year will generate about 190,000 kilowatt hours of electrical energy. The cost of setting up the system, by Novato-based SPG Solar, is less than the return to the company after energy savings, rebates and incentives are accounted for.

    The system will provide about 35 percent of Livermore Cinema’s electrical needs and reduce its electrical costs even more – about 45 percent – because it cuts the need to buy energy during the time of day when electricity is most expensive. The solar cells installed by SPG are an innovative tubular design developed by Solyndra Corp. of Fremont. The tubes use a photovoltaic thin film technology called CIGS, which does not include silicon. The tubes look like fluorescent lights mounted 40 to a rack with enough space between tubes to allow wind and sunlight to pass through.

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