• The sellers of oil, Saudi Arabia, switches over to renewable energy

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    The Middle East is the land of oil. The world looks up to the Middle East for oil. And your car would probably not move out of its garage without all that oil flowing out of the Middle East. And now, Middle Eastern countries are slowly shifting away uneasily from oil-use, instead looking to renewable sources of energy. The world’s largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, is now planning to invest $100 in solar, nuclear and other sources of renewable energy, probably out of fear with ever-declining oil reserves. This seems ironic in a way given that Saudi Arabia’s major income comes from the world’s dependency on oil. Wikileaks, the controversial and highly informative website has stated that the kingdom has overstated its oil reserves by a whopping 300 billion barrels.

    Well, this news should probably inspire or scare people into switching over to renewable energy, instead of oil. And we’re pretty sure with funds like that, Saudi Arabia will do a great job into generating some green energy.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 4, 2011