• The Latter Day Saints church goes the solar powered way

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    The Mormons have taken a green step, with their house of worship going solar powered. The Latter Day Saints church will be powered by energy from the sun. The new 20,000 square foot church will use around 158 solar panels on its roof to power up. Located at Farmington, Utah, the church had its panels test run, producing around 910 kilowatt hours of electricity in six days. Of this just 300 kWh of energy is required to for the Sunday service. The panels will generate enough energy for the building’s self sufficiency. The church’s library is equipped with an energy performance display. This displays information on power generated, power consumed and cumulative savings.

    Currently, the Mormon Church owns around 17,000 meeting houses, and having them go solar powered to an extent will help save up a whole load of energy. Besides this, the Mormon community also owns a solar powered church in Tahiti and a building heated with geothermal energy in California. A solar powered example set by the Mormon Church.

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