• The greenest parking lot in the world to show up at Denver International Airport

  • Greenest-PArking-Lot-1.jpg
    Usually mistaken for a sudden growth of a rocky mountain from above, the Denver International Airport now has a lot more than those pretty cones to show off. The Canopy Parking Lot at the airport will be the world’s greenest parking lot ever. Using wind, solar and geothermal power along with shuttles powered by compressed natural gas, biodiesel and hybrid technology, the airport is ding all it can to go as green as possible. Besides just being powered up by alternate energy, the parking lot will also feature ten free Juice Bar chargers for those evergreen electric cars. Expecting a Gold LEED certification for this, and probably a Platinum certification by the Green Parking Council, this one sure is an example for the world.

    With enough space to park around 4,200 vehicles, the Canopy Parking Lot will also have a green roof and a lot more, enough to tingle your green senses.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on November 3, 2010