• The five new ways to cleaner and environment friendly energy

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    Fossil fuel being used to provide energy will soon be a memory from the past with the development of new alternative means to produce energy. Well here are the five newest ways to a cleaner energy production in the future. And we’re not talking about the age old solar power or wind power concept. Helioculture is a process by which hydrocarbons are produced using the suns energy. Sewage can be used as another energy producer using microbial fuel cells and bio-electrochemical systems. Besides creating rain, evaporation can now help produce energy too by harnessing the difference in electrical properties that exist between air and water. Human movement is one of the coolest means to energy being developed wherein the principals of piezoelectricity will be used to harness energy out of human body movements. Just like the sun, the moon will help produce energy too with the use of a light isotope known as Helium-3 found on it.

    Let’s hope that these five ways to a cleaner and greener future see the light soon.

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