• ‘The Energy Collection’ drinking-glasses collect solar energy and power up smartphones!

  • There are concepts and then there are concepts that simply leave us awestruck and wondering why no one had thought of it yet. Take Marjan van Aubel’s ‘The Energy Collection’ for example. This stupendous range of glassware function both as utensils to sip water from and as energy generators! Inspired by the photosynthetic abilities of plants, these colored glasses are capable of absorbing solar energy and using this to generate electricity which in turn can power up and charge a smartphone! Using a photosynthesis technology by Michael Graetzel that includes a porous Titanium dioxide layer soaked with photosensitive dye, these glasses each sport a different color for different light wavelengths and ‘The Energy Collection’ is indeed a concept that inspires and enlightens!


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Featured, Tags: , on July 3, 2012