• The Cyclus portable energy generator uses a spring to create energy

  • Cyclus-portable-energy-generator-1.jpg
    No longer will you need to watch your mobile phone or mp3 player die in your arms, dehydrated and out of juice while you’re far away from any sort of charging device. You can now give your portable device an energy shot with the Cyclus, a clever innovation by Satoshi Yanagisawa that uses the principals of springs to generate energy. Rotating the bottom of the Cyclus gets the upper part that includes the DC motor to generate energy of up to 6.6V 3W. The Cyclus is portable and can be used just about anywhere, a perfect energy charger for those on the go who keep away from plug points and then frantically search for one when out of charge.

    For Satoshi, the Cyclus could just be that very innovation that revolutionizes a new way of staying connected in future.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 2, 2011