• Tata Group researchers devise new way to create electricity from water

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    Water can be used to create energy. We all know that by now. Turbines bolted on at strategic positions at dams aren’t so much on an uncommon site now. That isn’t the only way to create electricity from water though, and we’ve just figured that out! Working with Daniel Nocera, an MIT scientist and founder of SunCatalytix, the researchers at The Tata Group have stumbled upon a new way to create electricity from water. Using an artificial sheet of artificial cobalt- and phosphate-coated silicon, the researchers used solar power to split the hydrogen from the water. The process resulted in electricity creation, more efficient than the solar panels we prop up on our roofs today!

    New and clean ways to create electricity always leave us smiling. This process is green and clean and by the looks of it, highly efficient! When commercially available, we’re pretty sure the technology will help push the world towards a greener electricity generation.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on March 28, 2011