• SunCubes by Team Geotectura lighten up at night using solar power

  • SunCubes.jpg
    You’d probably think you’d rambled into an Arctic version of Pandora, with these glowing ice-cube like structures. SunCubes, a temporary installation designed by Team Geotectura is all about educating people about solar energy and give them a dose of encouragement to scratch their brains and innovate, design and create exceptional ideas that could change the face of our planet and the way we live today. Installed at the Earth Dance Festival, the installation is equipped with solar panels that produce green power. The energy generated is then used to spark up colorful LEDs at night, turning the entire installation into a glowing cube.

    That’s not all. The power generated is also used to lighten up information that observers can read, educating them about the use of solar energy, the way it is produced, and its scope in our grids today. Beautiful and innovative, this installation has sure left loads of people educated about green power.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on July 14, 2010