• Sport Phone gets alternative green energy as you keep fit

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    While playing any sport, even for recreational purpose, it is always advisable to keep our cell phones back at home or in car when in action. But for those addicted to their cell phones, designer Oana Oniga has come up with an all-in-one wearable gadget dubbed, Sport Phone. Exclusively shaped for all the sports person and athletes, this conceptual gadget is an ingenious blend of communicating features along with cannot-do-without sport tools. But the highlight of this sporty doodad is that it sports a green charger along with the traditional battery. The green touch comes from the fact that this phone can also get its juice by harnessing the kinetic energy of the body. As almost all sports involve moment in some form or the other, all the energy expended by the wearer is absorbed for an eco-friendly charge up. Roll over to read more about its sporty features……

    Since it is targeting sports persons, it isn’t surprising to find specs that help to enhance physical activates. Oana aptly describes, ‘The phone has integrated a 3D motion sensor that measures the distance and velocity. It also has a system that monitories the heart beat rate and gives warnings when the heart beat rate is reaching a critical level. A stop watch is also integrated and a system that measures the number of calories burnt during exercises and helps the user keep under control the daily amount of calories recommended, because for people doing sports nutrition is also a very important aspect.’
    Crafted out of flexible rubber in shape of a wristband, the Sport Phone is absolutely light in weight and uber durable.

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