• Sony’s bio battery generates electricity from paper

  • 1.jpgWho needs those environment-choking fossil fuels when you could plug in to paper and have your stuff powered up instead! Sony Corp recently pulled the veil off this bio battery that generates electricity by using paper as fuel. Using an enzyme to decompose paper into glucose which is then used to generate power, the battery uses cellulase produced by Denmark-based Novozymes to decompose cellulose. Generating up to 18Wh of electricity by decomposing an A4-sized paper, this sure seems to be a pretty awesome way to power up smaller gadgets and the like, without plugging them onto the grid.

    On the other hand however, chopping down trees to produce paper and then using this to generate electricity is simply the same as burning those ever-polluting fossil fuels!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on December 19, 2011