• Solar steam generation power plant opens doors in Spain on experimental basis

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    Using photovoltaic cells to soak in the sun’s heat isn’t the only way to generate some clean and green renewable energy with solar power. In Spain, a newly opened experimental plant will test new ways to use solar energy to generate electricity with improved efficiency levels. This solar steam generation power plant uses water as the direct working fluid and uses some pretty cutting-edge and innovative ways to store all this energy, enabling it all to be dispensed even on days when the sun hides behind the clouds. Located in the municipality of Carboneras, the plant was built in collaboration with the German Aerospace Centre and Endesa, a Spanish utility company.

    The plant uses receiver tubes in which water is kept at a pressure of up to 120 bar (1740 psi), which results in the creation of superheated 500C (932F) steam, with higher temperatures increasing efficiency and decreasing cost. The sun as we know it is ever-generous with all the energy it keeps giving out. We just need to come up with better ways to exploit this never-ending source to energy!