• Solar Shed to Keep India’s Food Chilled

  • Inadequate transport, poor roads, soaring temperatures – these are just a few reasons why around 40% food in India spoils before it reaches a dinner table. What people in developed countries would throw in the dustbin with barely a thought, can lead to mass starvation or keep farmers living at poverty levels in India. To help combat this, business students, engineers and corporate in Ohio have put their heads together to address this issue, and come up with a very effective, but crazily expensive solar powered fridge-shed thingy that no small farmer in India would ever be able to afford! Priced at $5,000, the SolarCool runs on eight solar panels that can keep food chilled, even at night, thanks to a battery that gets charged in the daylight.

    Despite its wildly high price tag, the Ohians are still hopeful for their invention and are sending a prototype for trials to an aloe farm near Pune, in southern India.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on January 29, 2013