• Solar powered sunglasses nurses your eyes as well as gadgets

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    Inline with the changing trends, designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong have conceptualized dual purpose sunglasses. Along with its primary function to keep out the harmful sunrays from entering your eyes, these shades are designed to charge up your gadgets on the go. Christened as Infinite Energy: SIG, these modish glasses look no different as they sport solar dyed lenses. Except for the wire jutting out to plug in to your music players, cell phones, gaming consoles and more. Tweaked to block as well as harness the harmful-to-eyes solar rays into much essential electrical energy, the lenses are caked with “cheap organic dye [used with] nano technology [providing] cheap but high energy efficiency.”

    Such green products need to see day light soon!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 19, 2008