• Solar powered Hollywood Sign concept by GoGreenSolar

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    Folks at GoGreenSolar have conceived four designs that can add a dash of greenness to the glamour quotient of the Hollywood Sign, a famous landmark in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, California. They intend to show their version of green Hollywood Sign with these 3D concepts. The solar electric systems are grid connected which means that the energy is transferred into the network and the community can benefit from the power especially when there is peak demand. Grid connected systems also help California reach its RPS (renewable energy portfolio standard) a requirement for CA to generate power from clean renewable resources. Off the fours designs, I am game for the Solar Trees option. These pole mounted solar arrays can be adjusted to the optimal orientation and pitch to maximize energy harvest. Also the Solar Lillly Pads are fit for a green vote. Here circular solar panels shaped like lily pads will sit beneath the sign. However such a design comes with its share of obstacles for layout.

    Hillside Ground Mounted Solar Array is the most fundamental and practical application of the four. GoGreenSolar states that this deployment of solar panels is the most technically feasible and has the highest probability to be a safe,code compliant installation that can generate the most watts per square foot.
    The last one, Invisible Hand, is more of an idea than a practical solution. Building Integrated Photovoltaics is the art of integrating solar cells into the facade of a building. In this design the white paint of the sign actually has nano solar cells that generate clean power.
    Which of the four designs will you vote for?

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