• Solar powered gym burns away calories with renewable energy!

  • French_solar_powered_gym.jpg
    At first, we thought we’d stumbled across a giant tank being built by the French. Well, it hardly is anything close to a tank. Turns out, this colossal structure is actually a gym building. Besides just giving off an illusion that makes it look like a huge defense mechanism, the structure is green too! The gym designed by French architect Jean Marc Rivet keeps its act clean and makes sure you and the environment around remain healthy. Anyways, the building boasts some awesome large windows that let in natural light during the day, eliminating the need for any artificial lighting at day times. To power up the bulbs at night, the gym integrates a bunch of solar panels too. This structure also features a rooftop garden that adds to its aesthetic appeal and makes it look a lot more extra-ordinary than it already is!

    This gym building gives all the inspiration and motivation you’ll need to hit the treadmill and work that fat off.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on November 9, 2010