• Solar powered Cardboard compactor recycles to reduce carbon footprint

  • cardboard compactor.jpg
    And if you thought that an elementary material like cardboard doesn’t need any thought before chucking it off, you are mistaken. The government and the residents of Cranberry town, Pennsylvania, are eco-smart to understand the need to recycle cast off cardboard. Just recently, their old collecting and recycling units for the same were swapped for a better upgraded greener version. This new commercial-strength, solar-powered compactor was put up to take care of large volumes of cardboard carton waste. And when the days are cloudy, this cardboard churner will still run on the local power supply. This free, 24/7, self-service cardboard recycling compactor will lure people to dispose off the cardboard containers in the green clean manner. Fitted with a surveillance camera, every move of the user will be recorded and any violation of the rules will call for legal action.

    The state Department of Environmental Protection granted the revenue for this purpose.