• Solar powered bus shelter in the City of Corona

  • Solar-powered-bus-shelter.jpg
    Besides just sheltering you from the hazards of nature while you wait for a bus to take you home, a bus shelter in the City of Corona will also play –sun-juice-drinker and act as a little power station. Unveiled recently, this solar bus shelter is green and eco-friendly, using a roof rigged with highly efficient solar panels, which will be one of the first grid-connected solar system for bus shelters, designed and installed by Solade Concepts, a firm based in Corona, California. Using six SANYO HIT-210NKHA6 210-watt HIT Power® solar panels with six Enphase Energy M210-84-240-S12 micro inverters and a LED lighting system, this bus shelter will soak in the sun’s rays during the day, store the energy, and use it to power up the shelter at night.

    With bus shelters lining city streets, imagine the lot of them turning into eco-friendly one’s, like this. The load taken of the grid will surely be appreciable!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on July 29, 2010