• Solar powered airfield lights for Venezuela’s Airport De Guiria

  • Carmanah solar aviation lights.jpg
    Venezuela’s Airport De Guiria is all set to sport green lights over the airfield very soon. Carmanah Technologies Corp., world’s largest supplier of self-contained solar-powered LED airfield lighting technology recently got an order to supply eco-friendly lights for the airport. For about $700,000, the airport’s field will be trimmed with Carmanah ICAO-compliant A704-5 runway edge lights, threshold lights, handheld radio controllers, A601 taxiway lights.

    And to support this, it will also be equipped with a mounting hardware for permanent installation. The interface can be programmed according to the need, which controls levels of brightness, flash patterns, infrared, visible outs, and also set up the time for switching the whole system on or off. Such a set up is cost effective (about at 1/10 the cost of hardwired alternatives), energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, weather resistant and to top it all, easy to install. Till we cannot fly green, we can at least land on a green lighted airport.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on November 21, 2008