• Solar powered air-conditioned bus stop shelters in Abu Dhabi

  • AC_BusShelter.jpg
    Traveling via public buses in Gulf countries doesn’t seem to be soothing suggestion. But that’s not the case if you are a resident of Abu Dhabi. Step out of the air-condition-cool house to board an air-condition-cool bus for your work by waiting in an air-condition-cool bus stop too! The place now boasts of the first of the 550 solar powered air-conditioned bus stop shelters. A look at the prototype and the citizens as well as the tourists can be convinced that the government is bent on promoting the public transport system with ‘cool’ zest. And it’s not only the cooling aspect that will appeal to all the commuters. Folks waiting for their bus to arrive can hang around in a cool, eco-friendly, informative, high-tech environment without fretting.

    It is reported that ‘The shelter delivers iconic design, comfortable seating arrangements, good ventilation, ample reading light, wheel chair access and a revolutionary approach towards the utilization of solar power. The prototype delivered also displayed state-of-the-art technology featuring round-the-clock information monitors to update passengers on relevant and important information, such as public buses’ schedules, maps and switch routes, estimated journey time and cost through a rather user-friendly system. The new bus stop shelters also plan to utilize the electronic bus ticketing system when implemented.’
    Provided by the Stroƫr Concept Outdoor to the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi, the rest of the 549 cool bus shelters will mushroom up around the whole of Abu Dhabi by the summer of 2009.

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