• Solar power satellite can light up whole of California and more

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    With depleting oil reserves and swelling energy costs, it is time to hunt for alternatives that assure power in abundance. Solar powered and wind powered villages and towns aren’t new concepts. But energizing much larger areas like big states and countries with sun’s energy is a bright thought! And Ben Bova, president of the National Space Society, intends to revive Nicola Tesla’s theory of wireless power. He hopes that the to-be president of the United States commissions a $1 billion solar power satellite for NASA. The satellite would harness energy directly from the sun and broadcast it back to a receiver on Earth using microwave frequencies. Unlike the solar power generators that are currently set up, this kind of satellite is estimated to power up millions of homes with non-stop flow as it will not be affected by cloudy or rainy days. Also the source is not exhaustible and the process will involve no wastage or emissions.

    If Ben’s intentions are considered seriously, then such a fully functional large satellite will be able to produce five to ten gigawatts of energy. And that’s much more than California’s present 4.4-gigawatt consumption.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on November 4, 2008