• Solar power, electric hybrids, cycling by UK government for greener future

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    The UK government is planning to generate one third of electricity from renewables by 2020 as part of a low carbon future plan. 26 million homes will have smart meters and this will in turn create up to 400,000 green jobs without a major hike in energy prices. Every sector of the economy will be expected to cut emissions, although electricity generation and heavy industry will bear about half of the reductions. A few measures according to this plan include saving up a lot of money for offshore wind industry, wave and tidal technologies, geothermal energy potential, new facility to research nuclear technology, financial incentives for home generation and speed up grid connection for renewable installations.

    Other measures to cut carbon emissions include the transport industry with better fuel efficiency on the road, electrification of the rail network, the use of sustainable biofuels, infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles in up to six cities, and measures designed to increase cycling. Also, the government will encourage farmers to cut emissions by changing agricultural practices, paying for the creation of woodland, and support for facilities that use farm waste for energy. Well, it’s about time.

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