• Solar Power brings world’s most efficient solar water panel

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    While people continue to race to the future with gadgets and technical truck loads, some people are actually making efforts to save the environment for the rest of the green-loving and nature admiring individuals. Solar Power, a company from Ireland, has claimed to have invented the world’s most efficient solar hot water panel. It will apparently save up to 70 per cent of your water bills. Good news this one with all the recession and market crashing we have been hearing about. The product is 131 % more efficient in the mornings and 70% more efficient in the evenings than other solar panels, say company officials.

    Whatever the case may be, this will be welcomed not only for money saving reasons but also to keep dreams of a greener and less polluted world alive. Each step counts. The product is already facing competition which is good and which means more companies will start investing in this idea. An Australian company has already come out saying they are better with their 163.5% more efficient than others. Next might be from Iran making 250% more effective than others.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 9, 2009