• SOLAQUA to provide clean, uncontaminated water for Sub- Saharan Africa

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    Africa is a place with lots of sun and also lots of need for some clean and good water. So adding one and one together, a company launched the SOLAQUA which is a useful device. It is going to be used as a water disinfection unit in the rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. This device will obtain infra-red and ultra-violet rays from the sun and will utilize them to eliminate pathogens of contaminated water.

    How this works is have unrefined water will initially pass through a filter of sari cloth (I didn’t know even the Africans wore this thing) to improve the effectiveness of solar water disinfection. A funnel of five taps fills five different bottles to acquire 10 liters of water. Then these transparent bottles are scattered on the ground to get maximum exposure to ultra-violet rays. The black rear surface of these bottles soaks up heat and the reflective inner surfaces imitate ultra-violate rays within the water.