• Singapore’s vertical garden powers itself with Solar Energy

  • Singapore’s_vertical_garden.jpg
    Singapore itself is a very beautiful place, and to add to the beauty Grant Associates has made this 101-hectare lush green expanse right next to the Marina Bay resort. The incredible botanical preserve will boast of super tall trees, which make it a vertical garden. The most outstanding feature is that the trees are solar in nature. By solar I mean they are tall and collect rainwater and solar energy to light up the garden by the night. Apart from the conscious usability, the 30-35 meteres high trees are wrapped in beautiful ferns and veins to make the entire garden look extremely good. While this is just the Phase 1 and will be opened only in 2011, the other phases comprising of water gardens and aquatic education are already in the pipeline. Firstly it’s a garden, and secondly it powers itself by using solar energy, how more green could something get!


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 22, 2009