• Shimizu Corporation plans to place solar panels on the moon and generate 13,000 terawatts of energy

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    Solar power is the way ahead and the world is quickly leaning towards this fantastic source of never-ending never-ceasing alternate energy. However, harvesting this promising energy from the sun isn’t a breeze and the process requires lots of space, for the installation of photovoltaic cells. Given the fact that the better part of the world is already packed with humanity and its developments, a team of Japanese engineers from the Shimizu Corporation is now looking forward to placing solar cells on the moon and turning the celestial body into a massive solar power plant!

    As per the plan, a massive 12 mile-wide, 6,800 mile long “Luna Ring” of solar panels will be constructed on the moon’s surface. This solar belt will then soak in the sun’s energy and beam it all back down to earth as microwaves and lasers. The plan by the Shimizu Corporation could generate a colossal 13,000 terawatts of continuous energy! With this, all of the earth’s energy needs could be put to rest and fossil fuels could indeed be given a fitting farewell forever!



    [Via – Inhabitat]

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