• Shell stations to be soon pumping hydrogen

  • hydrogen_fuel.jpg The fuel crisis has many switching to the alternative transport solutions, but finding a station that sells hydrogen or is capable to charge your electric vehicle in a jiffy is very rare. That could soon change as Shell is planning to sell hydrogen fuel from its gas stations in LA, as part of a research program run by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with GM. Shell’s hydrogen is created on-site with an electrolyzer, but all parties agree that this is only a short-term solution. Shell will build a few more stations on its own in the next few months, and they will be part of “mini networks” of hydrogen filling stations that will hopefully help spark mass production of fuel cell vehicles. These are needed in big cities since the only emission would be water, but paradoxically, the source for the hydrogen is fossil fuels.

    It’s nice to see a major oil company promoting this alternative; this may be just the boost that hydrogen fuel could need to make it into everyday consumption. Shell is making a big step forward in this process because it is working with electrolyzers running off wind power.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on June 5, 2008