• Shell Canada sells world’s first cellulosic ethanol as bio-fuel

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    A Royal Dutch Shell gas station in Canada has become world’s first to fill gas tanks of cars with biofuel made from wheat straw. For a trial period gasoline bought at the gas station will be containing 10% ethanol blended into the regular fuel. This will be running for one month at the Ottawa Gas Station. The price of the fuel will remain the same.

    Globally many gas companies are slowly moving into both corn based and next-generation cellulosic based bio fuels. Overall cellulosic output has been slow due to the high costs and technological challenges. Shell and Iogen is jointly operating a gas station in Ottawa that produces just 40000 liters of bio fuel a month. They are also working hard to commercialize on a very large scale.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on June 12, 2009