• Scientists plan for making fuel from sun, water, carbon dioxide and nanotechnology

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    I like scientists. They have a way of bringing so many alternatives to make life on earth a comfortable option. A bunch of scientists from the Pennsylvania State University have apparently come up with a way of making fuel by sun, water, carbon dioxide and nanotechnology. They may have come with an option to use sun to make fuel but with a costly alternative. The researches used titanium dioxide, nitrogen, copper and platinum to prepare the experiment and were able to produce methane and water.

    This seems a probable way of preparing the alternative but there are risks for instance the costs as it involves platinum and that doesn’t come cheap even for a nature loving race. The experiment however can do a lot more benefit with intensive research and work for improvised steps and maybe in another decade, this might indeed be a favourable option for fuel.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 9, 2009