• Sanyo’s Solar parking area powers the electric bikes by soaking sun’s energy

  • sanyo_solar_bicycle_parking.jpg
    In the coming month, Sanyo’s parking area in Japan will go green with the Solar parking area to test its solar cells and rechargeable batteries. Located at the premises of Tokushima Prefecture, this solar roofed parking lot is intended to charge up the electric bikes like Eneloop via Sanyo’s HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer) solar panels and Li-ion battery unit. To promote the use of the same, folks from Eneloop company have donated three vehicles to be used as official vehicles. Since many people are still wary about easy access to charging stations for charging such electric bikes, this kind a green move by a company is a boost for its people to opt for the green vehicles. Fitted with three 210W HIT solar panels and a Li-ion battery unit, the solar parking area will be able to churn out about 690kWh in a year.

    Capable of storing the sun’s energy, this green roof can also juice up the bikes after sunset or on cloudy days too. Also the lithium-ion storage system is equipped with an AC outlet and the emergency backup power can supply power to external devices too. This certainly sets and example for other companies to go green and lure citizens to save on gasoline bills in addition to environment.