• Sanya Skypump wind-powered EV charging station, installed in Barcelona by GE and Urban Green Energy

  • Powering up an EV charging station with renewable energy is indeed an eco-friendly solution to clean and green road transport unlike any other. Putting the concept to practice, General Electric and Urban Green Energy have joined hands to build and install wind-powered EV charging stations called Sanya Skypumps. The first of these has found a home in Barcelona and will be used to juice electric cars belonging to corporate and government drivers. Beautifully designed in an attempt to contribute to the surroundings and not play an eye-sore, the Sanya Skypump uses UGE’s 4Kwind turbine towers hooked up to a GE Durastation. Also, plans are currently being drawn to set up these at malls and universities across Australia before the year-end and we hope to see developments like these being put into place for personal car users too.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 16, 2012