• Samsung unveils high efficiency solar module with 260W output

  • Samsung_Crystalline_Si-PV_Battery_Module.jpg
    Samsung is all ready to play a hand in the solar-power game, with its high-efficiency solar panels. The Samsung Electronics Co Ltd recently pulled the veil of a crystalline silicon (Si) photovoltaic (PV) battery module having a conversion efficiency of 15.9% and an output of 260W that was exhibited at the International Solar Energy Expo & Conference. Currently, Samsung’s peers from Germany, Japan and China produce modules with outputs of 230W giving Samsung a 30W higher output. Also, Samsung’s new module delivers impressive 15.9% conversion efficiency unlike the usual 14%, And with the developments in technology we’re witnessing with every passing hour, we’re pretty sure Samsung will soon tilt the levels of its modules efficiency and output upwards. It’s time for the other companies to catch on.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 22, 2011