• Revolving door churns out green energy to light up the station

  • Revolving_door.jpg
    Following closely in footsteps of Tokyo’s human powered electric board, here is one more example of how humans can be free of the grid if they intend to. You will follow what I am trying to put across as you read about the world’s first energy-generating revolving door. Located at Natuurcafe La Port in the Netherland, this kind of door revolves around people to give out power to light up all the LEDs in the ceiling. Built by Boon Edam, the fundamental application is simple as it harnesses kinetic energy out of all those folks who pass through it. Estimated to generate about 4600 kWh each year, it is part of a larger sustainable refurbishment of the railway station.

    Here too, a large display inside the railway station shows how much energy is being generated by the revolving door. This display helps people to become aware of their potential to generate clean energy and (as I started of my post) be free of grids.