• Rescue lights powered by wave energy

  • Rescue_wavelights.jpg
    Using wave energy to generate power seems to be the “in” thing nowadays. This newest technology in the generation of power from wave energy will indeed grab the heart the ocean soon. Designed by Zhang Yakun, He Siqian, Zhu Ningning, Chen Chen & Mu Zhiwei, the Wavelight concept design basically converts the mechanical energy produced by waves into electric power that will be used to juice up LED lights that will be used for mid-ocean rescue operations. Each of these lights are connected to each other and anchored on to the base of the ocean. They will together form a lighted chain that will guide passing ships to stay clear of rescue work. The only setbacks maybe the length of the anchor and the fact that the LED’s need to be powerful enough to lighten up even in the darkest waters.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 25, 2010