• Red fire fighting trucks flaunt a green solar roof in Pennsylvania

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    Emergency service vehicles go Green! Last month I wrote about the solar powered ambulances from Mumbai, India. But today, I am back with solar powered fire trucks that are driving up and down the town of Shawnee in Pennsylvania, United States. Intending to cut down their carbon footprints, the Fire department worked on a trial project to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of solar powered fire trucks. Solar panels fitted on the roof of these trucks are expected to power up the necessary equipment like firefighters’ battery-powered flashlights, portable radios, thermal imaging cameras and the Mobile Data Terminal, within the trucks when the ignition is turned off. Also these cool red beasts are left running to keep the hoses from freezing when the temperature drops.
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    Four months back, the team at the Fire Department of Shawnee had installed the solar panels all by themselves (cost and fixing), but on only one, most active truck. However with the success of their green roofed truck, the department is looking into grants and other funding sources to befit their whole feet with solar panels. Considering the 20-gallon truck is refueled several times a week, recouping the costs shouldn’t take long.