• Princeton University to have 16,500 PV panels soaking in the sun

  • Princeton-Large-Solar-Collector-Field-1.jpg
    Guess who’s planning for a sunbath soon? Princeton University! The institution is busy drawing out plans for a colossal solar energy collector field. This will be the single largest solar installation in a United States University. The Princeton University will have 16,500 PV panels working through the sunshine, absorbing enough energy to generate electricity that could power up 700 households! The field will be spread across a good 27 acres of land owned by the University and will finish installation by the year 2012. The field, once operations begin, will cut down the University’s electricity bill by a good 8% and SunPower Corp, the firm installing the array, claims it to produce 8 million kWh annually.

    This is just part of Princeton’s plan to reduce the overall carbon emissions it produces to the amount it used to, in 1990, by the year 2020. So, we’ll probably hear a load more of green news from the University soon!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 10, 2011