• Piezoelectricity in future could power up small devices using biomechanical energy

  • Piezoelectricity.jpgIn the future, powering up that little mp3 player of yours or your mobile phone could be a lot different from the way we do it today. These devices won’t need to be plugged in every time they run out of charge, all thanks to piezoelectricity. Researchers at Georgia Tech are busy working on nanowire-based generators that will use up wasted mechanical energy and convert it to usable electricity powering smaller devices that for now include LEDs and LCDs. Using piezoelectricity, researchers are currently trying to harvest biomechanical energy and convert it to usable electricity.

    The little hamster you’ve been petting all along could in future, help charge up your mobile phone by just running on that wheel using piezoelectricity!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on November 10, 2010