• Photovoltaic paving stones for a solar powered walk

  • Photovoltaic-Paving-Tiles-1.jpg
    The next time you decide to walk on the foot path, look below. No, we aren’t asking you to search for pieces of gum or doggie poop. You probably might be stepping on solar panels! A recent in the world of solar juicing devices, solar paving stones were recently unveiled by Onyx Solar and Butech. Now unlike other solar panels that would probably crumble under your weight, these photovoltaic solar paving stones are also manufactured greener, producing a lot less Co2 than the conventional one’s in the bargain. With all those miles and miles of pavement we have lining our streets, imagine the whole to be one massive solar array!

    This one can’t bear the weight of vehicular traffic though. That’s what keeps it apart from the Solar Roadway. However, these photovoltaic paving stones are strong enough to bear your pounds and furniture too! Energy generating pavements, we eagerly await you.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on October 27, 2010