• Off-shore algae harvesting in plastic bags for biofuel – NASA

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    NASA is developing excellent technologies from time to time for improving the quality of life and also to make the world a sustainable and a better place to live in. The hope for algae to be commercially viable source of energy is now becoming more and more real with NASA pitching in their efforts. Nano technology bases approaches for algae fuel extractions are NASA’s plan. NASA proposes to place large plastic bags filled with sewage in the ocean to grow the algae. These bags will have semi-permeable membranes that will help the algae grow and will allow fresh water to flow out.

    The big gain in these plastic bags is that we do need to draw away water to irrigate in a different spot hence there is no cost incurred in the additional loses of water because of evaporation. This is really win-win situation as algae uses the carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen. Another is the cleanliness as the algae uses sewage or dirt to grow. Amazing what normal common algae can do!

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