• Morocco plays host to the biggest wind farm in Africa, costing $300 million

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    Morocco’s King Mohammed VI cut the red ribbon and pulled the veil of a new 250-million-euro (300 million dollar) wind farm, the biggest in Africa, near Tangiers on Monday. The wind farm is located in Melloussa, 34 kilometers (21 miles) from Tangiers, northern Morocco, and houses 165 turbines. Together, these turbines harvest enough power from the wind to generate 140 megawatts of electricity. Partly financed by the European Bank with 80 million euros, the project received funds from Spanish and German banks, amounting to 150 million euros.

    To be completed in 2020, this wind farm will help secure 42 percent of Morocco’s energy production, which will have 14% generated each by wind, solar and hydraulic sources. In 2000, a 54-megawatt capacity wind farm had flung its doors open in northern Morocco. The new one to be built will help reduce the electricity bills of Morocco. We’d love to see more of these green energy sources sprouting up everywhere.

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