• McDonald’s first green restaurant charges your Electric vehicle too

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    McDonald’s is wooing its eco-consumers with a green option. And before you drool over the thought of eco-friendly fries/burgers from McDonalds, allow me to enlighten you with their much stronger green stand. Teaming up with NovaCharge, a leader in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure, McDonald’s announced first “green” restaurant. Built with eco-friendly materials and technologies, this outlet also boasts of the ChargePoint Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles. So folks stopping by at the Cary, North Carolina outlet will be able to feed their EVs too along with digging fries and burgers. Since EVs are hitting the auto market with gust, it’s time to realize that we need easily accesable re-filling stations too to lure consumers to drive them. This eating outlet thus promotes zero-emission travelling too.

    All set to be functional from 14th of July, this ChargePoint Network enabled charging stations will provide –
    • A secure, safe, reliable way for consumers to charge their electric vehicles anywhere
    they work and play.
    • The ability for EV drivers to find, and navigate to, available open stations.
    • Secure, authorized access charging, while eliminating energy theft and cord theft.
    • An infrastructure that enables rapid growth of the market for plug-in electric vehicles
    of all types.
    • Administrative monitoring and control services to allow utilities to optimize grid use.
    [Redferret And Novacharge]