• Maya Pedal project repurposes old bicycles to create water pumps and more

  • maya-pedal-1Like every good thing that comes to an end, bicycles too have a lifespan, post which, they’re meant to be scrapped. However, there’s a greener and more environment friendly way to put to rest your old bicycle. Guatemalan NGO Maya Pedal has come up with an innovative way to turn old bicycles into useful contraptions. The NGO transforms old retired bicycles into pedal-powered machines. These include functional water pumps, blenders and tile makers too!

    What makes the Maya Pedal such a great concept is the fact that it continues the usability of a bicycle that would otherwise find its place in a scrap yard. The concept helps reduce waste and works as the perfect example of repurposing day-to-day objects for the good of the environment. Great gig Maya Pedal!



    [Via – Inhabitat]

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on March 31, 2015