• Masdar City to use robot, electric taxis as transport

  • Masdar.jpg
    I want to live in this place! It’s amazing! Imagine having to go to your home on a cycle in this century! Ok, maybe that’s not as appealing to most of you, but what about going underground and ride to your home or friend’s home or wherever at Abu Dhabi’s eco-friendly 50,000 one mile square Masdar City in a personal transit vehicle or PRT or in normal layman language – a robot or electric taxi! These vehicles are electrically-powered, centrally-controlled pods and can carry four to six people and go in speeds of up to 25 mph, following magnets embedded in the pathways. The really neat thing is that no cars will be allowed in this zero-carbon, zero-waste city.

    The designer of the system is Dr Luca Guala. The city will be completed only by 2015 but you can use the robot taxi around the first part of the network connecting the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) later this year.