• Lux – Solar powered glowing necklace for eco-fashionistas

  • solar_necklace.jpg
    Designer Mae Yokoyama has conceived an interesting piece of green jewelry. Christened as Lux, it is a neck piece that succeeds in attesting that solar energy can utilized to dazzle up your glamour quotient too. Solar panels are threaded together to form a fashionable geeky necklace. When the sun shines bright during the day, these panels soak up enough sunlight to store energy. And when the sun retires for the day, these solar pieces juice up the LED bulbs on the attached string. It results in giving an impression of dazzling pearls without actually using authentic pearls. Just two hours of sun-feed will result in four hours of glowing pearls on your neckline. Lux demonstrates that solar panels are the newest raw material for glowing green jewelry. And certainly a reason to invest in green tech rather!


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on May 5, 2009