• Largest solar field to come up at Illinois by Rockford Solar Partners

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    A $4 million in a federal stimulus grant will enable Wanxiang America Corporation to sprout up the largest solar field in the Midwest, Illinois. In a joint venture known as Rockford Solar Partners with New Generation Power, a renewable energy developer based in Chicago, the field being built will at first generate around 28 megawatts of power in early stages. Once finished, it will generate a whopping 62 megawatts, saving up to 40 million gallons of water annually and reducing carbon emissions by a sweet 10,000 tons annually or more each year. Wanxiang will source the solar panels to be used for this one from its Rockford Plant.
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    That’s not all. The governor also has shown strong support towards solar power use, signing two bills to encourage the same. We eagerly await the opening of this solar-juice-guzzler.

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