• Large Wind Farm of 203MW Capacity Comes Up in Utah

  • milford-wind-power-Utah.jpg
    Modern world is exploring renewable energy options desperately and the effort is paying off. First Wind’s Milford Wind Corridor project completed its first phase of large wind farm project in Utah. With a capacity of 203.5 MW, this wind farm is the largest green energy facility of the state. The power it will generate will be purchased by Southern California Public Power Authority for coming 20 years. It is expected to generate power supply for at least 45,000 homes in US.

    This large wind farm facility has some 97 turbines and it took a year to build it. Milford Wind Corridor project is to be completed in phases to generate 1 GW of wind energy totally. So in next few years wind energy will be an available option in some parts of the US. Hope a day comes when all eco conscious consumers can choose between Power companies and opt for green clean energy. Renewable energy must become a viable option there is no other way to reduce carbon foot print.
    Via Eco Geek